Bee Nice Stinging Binding Curse

This is a great curse to use on someone that acts like an asshole. It is a binding curse that will sting them whenever they are mean to others, and will lessen when they are nice.


  • A poppet filled with stuffing of your choice to represent the person, still with an opening
  • Needle and thread to close up the poppet
  • Small finishing nails (tacks can be used in place of nails, but I do not recommend thumb tacks)
  • Something of the one being cursed (a hair, a picture, their name/signature, etc)
  • Black ribbon (I use black, any color will do)

-First, take what you have to connect the person to the curse and put it into the poppet, then be sure to sew it up well so it doesn’t fall out.

-Draw a face and any other defining features onto the poppet. If you wish to use their picture and attach it to the head, that works too.

-Take the nails/tacts and stick them into the poppet where you would like them to feel stung as you speak these words.

I call upon the Bees to teach this person
When they’re cruel in stings immerse them
When they speak to others cruelly
Stings they’ll feel, as if stung truly.
In the eyes, the throat and more
Until it’s kindness they’re known for.
The stronger they fight, the more stings come
Until it’s sweetness this battle’s won.

After you have put the nails in, take the ribbon and tightly wrap it around the poppet saying these words.

I bind this stinging fate to (Persons Name)
Until they’re kind, may the Bees cause them stinging pain.

After the doll is all wrapped up, you’re done! You can put it into a box or on a shelf, or where ever you keep spells… And when you wish for the spell to end, simply burn the doll or take it apart and then bury the poppet (making sure all the nails are out). 

Have fun! Hope this helps with the assholes in your life!

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