Gardom’s Edge-14 (by J C Mills Photography)

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Made a friend today….

anonymously message me 3 things you want to know about me

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So, I want to be a part of this local dance team thing and I need to be super flexible as soon as possible. I am doing intense (but not harmful) stretches every day, but I was wondering if there are any witchy type things ( like a spell) to help it along?

I would definitely make a sigil for flexibility, and when you are stretching, practicing, etc, keep it on your person.

So I think Artemis might have been trying to contact me this year (bees kept getting into my room, I've ALWAYS been a night person not a day person, I've been more compelled to keep my window open to the outside, I've had two significant events follow the moon, and I had a text post about her being the patron deity of aces (I'm ace) slapped in front of my face today). My question is this: I know she appreciates clothing and craft… Would she appreciate blankets made in her honor?

I can only give my opinions on the matter, because I honestly believe each person’s relationship with a deity is unique.

From what I’ve gathered of her, she is very impressed with hard work and dedication, fine tuning skills, and being respectful of the world around you. I think she would very much appreciate a blanket being made in her honor, especially with the colder weather coming.

Again, just my opinion. I’d suggest asking other followers of her too. :)