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i like to believe that the sparks from a campfire are fire fairies being born, raindrops are water fairies being sent to the earth after the clouds have taught them what they need to know, dandelion puffs floating in the air are garden fairies looking for a place to settle.

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Red Deer Stag by markmonckton http://ift.tt/1ydcMcR

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I can’t burn incense or oils or any smelly things, it bothers my dad and brother (they both have asthma). Does anyone know of an alternative? I know certain rituals or spells may require incense, but I do like keeping it on my altar.

Perfumes, body sprays, febreeze. If those are still too strong, I suggest potpourri.

I’m not allowed to burn incense because the people who live upstairs don’t like the smell. So if I’m doing a cleansing, I add the assorted herbs for it to hot water and they stew in the water and then I sprinkle the water around and use it to cleanse. Also the steam acts as a much weaker incense alternative. Though with these, I only use herbs that aren’t toxic.

Patience: A Spell Jar


  • jar
  • bay leaf
  • black pepper
  • fennel seed
  • lavender 
  • peppermint

Combine ingredients in jar as desired. Keep near your bed or desk. Whichever place you spend more time.

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æ = Post a picture of yourself

Here’s the pic Nonny! Only doing it this way because I’m on my phone and laying in bed about to go to sleep.